Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB)

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Basic Materials
General category encompassing foundational materials used in various industries.

  • Basic Resources
    Involves the extraction and processing of metals used in industrial applications.
  • Industrial Metals & Mining
    Involves the extraction and processing of metals used in industrial applications.
    • Aluminum
      A lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal widely used in construction, transportation, and packaging.
    • Copper
      A versatile metal with excellent conductivity, commonly used in electrical wiring and industrial applications.
    • General Mining
      Involves the exploration and extraction of various minerals and resources.
    • Iron & Steel
      Involves the production of iron and steel, essential materials for construction and manufacturing.
    • Metal Fabricating
      The process of shaping and manipulating metals to create finished products.
    • Nonferrous Metals
      Includes metals other than iron that do not contain iron as a principal component.
  • Precious Metals & Mining
    Involves the mining of valuable and rare metals, often used in jewelry and investment.
    • Gold Mining
      The extraction of gold, a precious metal with cultural, industrial, and financial significance.
    • Diamonds & Gemstones
      Involves the mining and processing of diamonds and other precious gemstones.
  • Industrial Materials
    Broad category covering materials used in industrial processes.
    • Forestry
      Involves the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of timber and related forest products.
    • Paper
      Production of paper and paper products for various applications.
    • Textile Products
      Manufacturing of textiles and related products, including clothing and fabrics.
    • Diversified Materials
      Involves a diverse range of materials used in various industries.
  • Chemicals
    General category covering a wide range of chemical substances.

Consumer Discretionary
A sector encompassing goods and services considered non-essential, often driven by consumer preferences.

Consumer Staples
Essential goods and products considered necessary for daily life.

Industries related to the production and distribution of energy.

A sector comprising various financial institutions and services.

Health Care
Industries related to the provision of healthcare products and services.

A sector comprising diverse industries involved in the production of goods and services.

Real Estate
The property, land, and buildings collectively, along with the business of buying, selling, and developing such properties.

The sector involving the development and application of technology.

The transmission of information over a distance, primarily via electronic means.

Industries involved in the provision of essential public services.